Web-page to be created and established in all partner schools to allow for mutual uploading of work and facilitate easier communication between staff and pupils.

Project logo, designed by Spanish partner to be unveiled.

E-twinning page connected.

Library studies and Internet research of each local school problems as well as progress of environmental issues around Europe within the 20th and 21st century.

A leaflet of each school to make awarness all local authotrities with environmental problems of each school. The project day in each school for parents, local authorities and local media.

Ecological footprint of the school and local community and poster presentation of the results.

A video-conference between the schools. Debates about the progress of the project work as well as exchanging ideas how to change the situation and what could help to make it.

Each partner to produce six posters to display the ecological needs of each different country in Europe. French visit mobility, all posters collated to one large poster to display the ecological profile and needs of the whole of Europe, collaborated.

Posters to be displayed in all partner schools.

Creation of a calendar with all the project staff and photos and pictures from the project work and mobilities.

The project day in each school for parents, local authorities and local media.

An expedition to environmental problem "free zone" in the country. To make children understand and learn what needs to be done for making their school greener.

A power-point presentation about the expedition. Sent to each countries and recorded together by Polish school.

Choosing a place in the school to make it greener. Creation of environmental free product for the eco-garden. The project day in each school for parents, local authorities and local media.

An European tree. The tree will be chosen for each school to be planted in the school area or inside the eco-garden. The trees must be kind of characteristic for each partner school countries.

Presentation of final Eco-gardens. SK partner will host garden party in their garden for community and other partner schools, each partner will bring the evidence of the completion of their garden. All photos also to be uploaded to the web page.

Compilation of digital book to show the staged of progress of the project from start to finish. Also included in the book will be all additional work completed by partner schools in other areas of the curriculum.

Final web-page with an e-book, where students will show all their progress even after the end of the project.