partners - spain

The Secondary School "Jerónimo González" is a fifty years old school located in the middle of the coal mining area "Cuenca del Nalón", in the North Spain region of Asturias. With a students body of 286 pupils and 57 teachers, our academic qualification is ranging from ESO to Bachillerato (between 12 and 18 years age).

We are focusing on the development of pupils’ knowledge of the natural environment as well as the teaching of foreign languages. The school participates in partnership with local and regional authorities in different projects, including the Environmental Sustainability for Schools (PRESTA) focusing on recycling and wasted streams. The school also carries out a Healthy School Project (PROGRAMA de SALUD) focusing on spread healthier meal culture among pupils.

We have outrageous sport facilities where pupils can train sports and participate in inter-school competitions. The school participates in different ICT projects, winning this year the first level of the “First Lego League” competition.

English is taught as the main second language and the school has a bilingual section where subjects like Biologics and Sport (more subjects in the future) are teaching in English. As a second foreign language we also offer French, German and Asturian (the regional language).
The school has an important theater with 300 seats, where we represent regularly different cultural events (among them a representation of The Magic Flute last year).

We have a few students with learning difficulties among them some from different cultural backgrounds than Spanish coming from Haiti, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Poland and Brazil. For that reason we are implementing an specific program called PROA for pupils with learning difficulties.
Our role in the project is the design of the project logo and the creation of self-evaluation tests for teachers and students. We will be the host for the first visit in order to establish the timing (objectives and strategies) of the project in a concrete way.”