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Pavol Marcely School is a state primary and secondary school focusing primarily on the development of our pupils' knowledge of the natural environment, IT and languages. Our school is located in the city centre. There is a large sports and recreation area surrounding the school where pupils can play volleyball or football. There is also a small lake situated beside the school buildings. Pupils have opportunities to follow courses in several languages, as well as in information technology and computing skills. English is taught as the main second language, and language teaching is broadened to include German for pupils over 11 years of age. Many of our pupils are successful in inter-school competitions and regularly win prizes for their performance in music, sports, literature, language and mathematics. The school has participated in many projects, including the Healthy Schools project on lifestyle, the water-related Blue Schools project, and the Green Schools project, which focused on recycling and waste streams. The school also carries out a number of projects within the local community.

We have a few students with learning difficulties and disabilities but every year there are more and more of them. Now it's about 7%. We have about 5% of students from a different backgrounds than Slovak, and they are from Hungarian, Czech, Former Russian and Pakistani backgrounds. Boys form about 51% of the intake.

Our role in the project is as coordinating school, to lead the application and coordinate the other participants. We will be a creator and administrator for web page of the future project. Not only during the project but also when the project finishes. We will be the host for the last visit in the second year where will be the climax of presenting the completed projects and celebrating the end of a successful partnership.