partners - poland

The secondary school "Gimnazjum nr.28 im. Kawalerów Orderu Orła Białego we Wrocławiu" is located in the city centre in an area of high unemployment and high alcoholism levels.There is a student body of approximately 500 pupils with academic levels ranging from the 1st grade to the 3rd grade (age 13-15).We have 6 classes for each grade with around 20 to 30 students in each class. Some of our students have learning difficulties and disabilities (mental and physical) that is why the building of our school is accessible to the disabled. Boys form about 55% of the intake. English is taught as the main second language, and language teaching is broadened to include German, Russian and French. Many of our pupils are successful in inter-school competitions and win prizes for their performance in music, sports, and mathematics. The school has participated in many projects, including the Comenius project "My town - my Europe", the water-related "Odra" project, and many other projects which focused on history (research about former Solidarity members and Solidarity itself) and mathematics. The school also carries out a number of projects within the local community.

In addition to basic education our school offers special needs education for pupils with learning difficulties. Our aim is to make our pupils more tolerant, confident and to prepare them to the "adult" life.


Our role in the project is processing on the webpage, informing about results to all schools and local communities and to create the main evaluation between schools to facilitate the writing of the end of Year 1 report.


We will be the host for the 5th visit where we'll present the designs of the gardens.