partners - france

Le collège Manon Cormier is a recently renovated public school close to the harbour area of Bordeaux and serves an area of significant social-economic disadvantage (more than 54%) with a student body of approximately 500 pupils. The academic levels are ranging from 6th grade to 9th grade. We have 4 classes for each grade with around 25 to 30 students in each class. We also have another class in each grade to provide special education to students with various learning disabilities (SEGPA). These classes do not have more than 16 students each.

Pupils have opportunities to follow courses in information technology and computing skills. English and Spanish are taught as main second languages and the school offers activities such as «cine club » in foreign languages, chess, sports, choir...

Why our comenius project? The philosophy of our school is to put the children in the center of the system, to work on projects which try to give them the sense of autonomy and involvement in their curriculum. We want to add to this philosophy the capacity to work together with pupils in difficulties, in the same school (SEGPA) and with pupils of several countries in Europe . The comenius project will continue what we have done for many years in terms of discovering the eco-diversity, the reflection on sustainability and the discovery of Europe. The school has participated in many projects, including a « green class » for the 6th grade. The 7th grade are more focused on the discovery of the patrimony and the 8th grade works on « European citizenship » through contests such as « concours de la citoyenneté européenne » with European writers (Benno Barnard in 2010). The 9th grade works already on sustainability through the study of renewable energy. This project can give them more opportunities to think about their future in terms of European cooperation. Some « green activities » have begun in the context of Agenda 21 (recycling, compost...)
Finally, many of our pupils are involved and successful in their curriculum despite the social difficulties background.

Our role in the project is as a partner school, to participate in this project. We will also organize the third visit in May of the first year in order to create the posters for the presentation of the results of the ecological profiling of the schools.