partners - finland

Kaakkuri is a new (2004) Comprehensive School located about 10 km from the city centre. The student body of the school is about 870 pupils from grades 1-9. This project is concerning the pupils on the secondary level i.e. grades 7-9, where we have 6 classes for each grade with around 20 to 24 pupils in a class. In addition to basic education, our school offers preparatory education for immigrants, special needs education for disabled pupils and special needs education for pupils with learning difficulties. Our aim is that the pupils in our school aren't only responsible, tolerant and confident for their future, but also have good manners, good communication skills and facilities for life-long learning. This project would therefore also help us with our aims.

Our role in the project is to plan the meetings and ensure appropriate timings for each school and their calendars. We will also organize the second mobility in February 2011, to exchange verbal feedback with each other and to start the preparations of posters.