description destination approx. start date partners
First mobility involving teachers only to to develop strategic and targeted planning for duration of the project. All participants will bring proformas of their intended research work.
Presentation of the logo.
SPAIN October 2011 All partners involved
Second mobility, some partner involving pupils, others just staff.
Verbal feedback of the results of the ecological profiling, preparation and designing of posters to be created at schools during the next phase. Presentation of our leaflets.
FINLAND February 2012 All partners involved
Collaboration of all posters to create a general overview of the ecological problems and needs throughout Europe. Comparison of similarities and differences between needs of each partner country. Discussion of end of year 1 report and evaluation - third mobility. FRANCE May 2012 All partners involved
Fourth mobility, final presentations of the designs of the gardens. Partners to bring samples of intended designs and updates of construction progress. Presentation of our expeditions. POLAND February 2013 All partners involved
Final mobility, eco -garden party to officially open garden. Partners to bring sample plant material to ceremonially plant in garden.
Presentation of final photos of gardens from all partners – finalisation of contents of digital book.
SLOVAKIA May 2013 All partners involved