PUPILS_project aims to increase pupils engagement, active participation and motivation in changing their local environment for the better, as well as learning about the similarities and differences between their experiences and those of other European schools. Each school will have to complete an environmental survey of their local area to share with the other partner schools, each school will then work to design and build an eco-garden in their school to address the specific issues raised in their surveys. The project will also equip pupils with skills necessary for future employment, such as manual skills, designing, and entrepreneurship.

The greener school is our final result and after the project, all stakeholders will have a perfect idea of what it really means for each country. We are six countries together from all parts of Europe so they might understand the main differences in ways that people think greener. Environmental studies and issues are very important these days and children must understand that their future depends mainly on understanding their present situation, and committing to a sustainable future.



This project will help children to create their own "good" ideas about the local environment as well as the environment in European dimension. Problems, which all the partner schools have, will bring the children together because they will communicate and cooperate in one language, English. So they will be more motivated to learn the language.

A very important aim of the project is to increase the awareness of the European dimension of education thanks to the cooperation of schools belonging to different countries. The exchange of information among students will be of utmost importance, it will enhance their capacity to communicate in English using IT.


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